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Other Products In The Binding of Isaac
Image of 3 poops magnet set
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Image of 2 card tarot reading, random sticker set.
Image of BoI signed poster set!
Image of Devil Room Isaac Poster

The Basement Collection - signed


The retail version of The Basement Collection is here. *Please note that all the box text is in German*

We made an unboxing video!

A DRM-free disc with PC, Mac, and Linux versions of The Basement Collection, a Steam code for an additional version of it, a 36-page booklet of McMillen's 'The Box' art (as featured in Indie Game: The Movie), full soundtracks for each of TBC's games, and a sure-to-get-you-noticed sticker of Steven from Time Fcuk. As for TBC, the games in it are Aether, Time Fcuk, Spewer, Meat Boy, Grey Matter, Coil, and Triachnid.

United States: $6.50(shipped with others $6.50)
Everywhere else: $23.00(shipped with others $10.00)

If you purchase multiple items and I'm able to combine shipping, I will always refund you the overcharge! But I cannot guarantee it as shipping prices have gone up recently.