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The Binding of Isaac Tarot Cards 2nd Edition


The much anticipated BoI tarot deck is here!

Featuring detailed and vibrant art by Tikara

-Custom box and card back art by Ed.
-78 full sized tarot cards (approx. 5"x 3")

*these decks will come factory sealed, please dont request a signature as it's much too time consuming and sigs are being reserved for special limited releases.

__________________-PLEASE READ-_________________
I have absolutely no idea how fast these are going to sell therefor I need you to allow up to **1 week** to process your order and get it in the mail to you. Please check the shipping info page if you have any questions! ALSO make sure your shipping address is correct as that is where im sending your package to!!
Thank you so much for your support and patience!

*****Shipping prices are always being raised,ESP FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS we have tried to keep our prices cheap, though I know if you're buying multiple items it will add up! If there is any overcharge I will refund you as soon as I ship!

*here is a super basic tarot spread to get your started*